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About the City

Shiraz is the capital city of Fars province, located in the southeast of Iran. Shiraz is considered as the third holy city of Iran after Mashhad and Qom. This city is surrounded by Derak Mountain in the west, Bamu, Sabz Pushan, Chehel Magham and Baba Koohi in the north. Its climate is overall classed as mild and semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters. The most popular season for visiting Shiraz is spring time, particularly in April and May. People who are living in Shiraz are called Shirazi who speak Persian with their sweet Shirazi accent.


Fars province was the first homeland of Persians with almost 2500 years culture and history, holding magnificent ruins of Persepolis and Pasargad.

Shiraz is also known as the city of great poets and philosophers, orangeries and grape vines. The most popular handicrafts in Shiraz include inlaid mosaic, silver-ware, carpet-weaving, and different rugs such as Gilim (Shiraz Kilim), Gabbeh and Jajim as well as brocades.

Moreover, Fars province is the home of Qashqai nomad which is the second largest Turkic group in Iran, speaking with a dialect close to an Azerbaijani language. They move between low elevations north of Shiraz in winter quarters and the high elevations of the Zagros Mountains in summer quarters. One of the most famous culture is their marriages and colorful dress which are very expensive and their brocades are available for buying in Shiraz’s bazaars.



Shiraz does not only provides a wide range of dishes such as Kalam polo, Shirazi Salad, Ash Shirazi, it also allows you to have a great time with delicious desserts which include Masghati Halva, Faloodeh, Fasai Cookie, and Nokhod (Chickpea) Cookie.


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Transportation System



üDaily trains to the most cities of Iran

üBus in the Tehran or within cities (Karandish Terminal, Amir Kabir Terminal)

üDomestic and international flights (Shahid Dastgheib Airport)

shiraz metro


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  ۩Top Sights in Shiraz

Takhte Jamshid (Persepolis, UNESCO Site)

Pasargad (UNESCO Site)

Naghsh-e Rostam (Necropolis, UNESCO Site)

Nasir al-Mulk Mosque (Pink Mosque)

Vakil Bazaar and Saray-e Moshir

Arg-e Karim Khan (Citadel)

Eram Garden

Tomb of Hafez

Qavam House

Shah-e Cheragh Shrine


  Top Things to do

 Hiking and camping in the Zagros Mountain and stay with Qashghai Nomads

 Visiting Shapouri pavilion and garden

 Visiting an historical village of Ghalat, 120 km away from Shiraz

*** Pleasant walking across Quran Gate and climb up to visit Khaju Kermani Tomb and enjoy fantastic view of Shiraz in the last afternoon or night

*** Don’t miss trying Kalam Polo with Shirazi Salad and Faloudeh Shirazi



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