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Tehran is the capital city of Iran and Tehran Province. This is the vast metropolis of 15 million, located in the north-central of Iran. Situating at the southern foothills of Alborz Mountain range, it enjoys a special geographic position. Tehran’s climate in the mountainous areas is mild and the plains have the semi-desert climate. It is generally cold and wet in winter, mild in spring and autumn, and hot and dry in summer. People living in Tehran are called Tehrani whose common spoken language is Farsi.


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As the diversity of culture in Tehran, there are a wide variety of national foods and local specialties. The most famous and delicious dishes that must try in Tehran city are Dizi, different kinds of Kababs with meat or chicken, stews, breads, sweets and desserts. If you are looking for good souvenirs, there are beautiful handicrafts in Tehran Grand Bazaar which includes colorful Persian carpets and rugs, jewelry, Khatam or Marquetry, enamel workings, and spices.


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Transportation System



üDaily trains to the most cities of Iran

üBus in the Tehran or within cities (Western bus terminal or Terminal-e gharb, Eastern bus terminal or Terminal-e shargh), Southern bus terminal or Terminal-e jonoob), Beihaghi bus terminal or Terminal-e beihaghi)

üDomestic and international flights (Mehrabad and IKA Airports)


۩  Top Sights in Tehran

.  Golestan Palace

Sa’d Abad Museum Complex

Grand Bazaar

Niyavaran Cultural-Historic Complex

Iran Holy Defense Museum

Azadi Tower (Borj-e Azadi)

Treasury of National Jewels

Islamic Museum


 Top Things to do 

Visiting the biggest pedestrian bridge of Tabiat

Visiting Imamzadeh Saleh and the Tajrish Bazaar in Shemiranat

Vising the great view of Milad Tower in the evening or night

*** Don’t miss doing winter activities in Dizin and Tochal

*** Don’t miss relaxing in the teahouses of Darband and Darakeh


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