Visa to Iran

Iran Visa Types

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) issues different types of visa according to you trip purposes:

Tourist visa is issued for travelers who are interested in visiting Iran as a tourist.
Business visa is issued for travelers who are cooperating with local business
Job permission visa is issued for travelers who are looking for Iran residency
Transit visa is issued for travelers who intend to cross Iran to reach another country.
Press visa is issued for journalist or representative of broadcasting Medias such as Radio, News Paper or Television.
Pilgrimage visa is issued for travelers who intend to visit Holy Shrines in some particular cities of Iran such as Mashhad and Qom.

Please take note that Derak Shiraz Tour & Travel Agency can apply only for tourist visa which is included in booking your tour with us.

Iran Tourist Visa

There are different ways to apply and collect your visa according to regulations announced by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). Few nationalities can enter to Iran without receiving visa. A large number of nationalities can apply their visa on arrival without any prearrangement or through an accredited travel agency but collect at the specific airports of Iran or at the embassy or consultant in your country. The few nationalities must apply for their visa through accredited travel agency and receiving a code.

Visa on Arrival

In order to visit Iran, getting visa is required. Recently most of the nationalities are able to receive tourist visa code on arrival at the airport. Here is the list of countries in which you are able to obtain visa on arrival at the airport and their visa collection fee.


Visa collection fee at airport

New Zealand

150 €


145 €

Sierra Leone - Chile

120 €

China – Emirate – Chad – Uganda – Vietnam

100 €


85 €

South Africa – Ukraine – Brazil – Hong Kong

80 €

German – Austria – Spain – Italy – Ireland – Island – Slovenia - Estonia – Slovak – Belgium – Bulgaria – Portugal – Czech -Denmark- Romania – Sweden – Swiss – France – Finland - Cyprus – Lithuania – Malta – Luxembourg – Poland – Latvia – Hungary – Norway – Netherlands- Greece - Thailand – Singapore – Oman – Ghana – Qatar – Cuba – Gabon – Guinea

75 €

Russia – Uzbekistan - Argentina – Zambia – Mongolia – Moldavia

70 €

Japan – Turkmenistan – Cameron – Konia – Kuwait – Guyana – Madagascar – Malawi - El Salvador

60 €

Philippine - Panama – Fiji – Nigeria

55 €

South Korea – Bosnia Kazakhstan Croatia Macedonia Paraguay Senegal

50 €

Indonesia – Kyrgyzstan – Zimbabwe - Mexico – Niger – Venezuela – Palestine - Tunisia

45 €

Sri Lanka – Ecuador – Nepal – Yemen - Eritrea

40 €

Tajikistan - Licorice - Bhutan – Morocco - Libya - Egypt (more than 20 days)

30 €


25 €

Armenia – Bahrain

20 €

Malaysia (More than 15 days)

10 €

***The embassy issued visa fee depends on the nationalities. The embassy fee (collection fee at the airport) is a governmental fee.

The offices of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the following airports can issue visa on arrival and are available 24hr during day:

  • Tehran - IKA: Imam Khomeini International Airport
  • Shiraz - SYZ: Dastgheib International Airport
  • Mashhad - MHD: Shahid Hashemi Nejad International Airport
  • Tabriz - TBZ: Shahid Madani Tabriz International Airport
  • Isfahan - ISF: Shahid Behehsti International Airport
  • Kish - KIH: Kish International Airport

Visa Process for Visa on Arrival at Airport

VOA ► These nationalities are able to apply visa on arrival at the airport without any prearrangement. You just bring some documents such as passport, insurance, picture and cash with yourself and fill a visa application form at the airport then visa will be issued.

That would be a really good option for person who are far from embassy or do not have enough time to apply in advance.
The negative point is that this is really time consuming due to long queues and there is the probability of rejecting.

Visa code ► The other way is applying visa through a licensed agency to receive an 18-digit code as visa reference code (also known as invitation letter in other countries).

Travelers who are able to collect visa at the airport can stamp their visa on arrival as well with this code.

The nationalities which are not mentioned in the table should collect visa at Iranian embassy in their country.

Requirements for applying visa are:

The quality scan of infront passport page
A personnel photo of you, just face

Filling a visa application form which will be enclosed

***It will take less than 10 days for visa to be issued after applying.
Before go to Iranian embassy, please check the required documents as it may be different for each nationality. The process in embassy may usually take 2 weeks; however, it is better to ask in person.

*** You can collect your visa at the embassy (or Airport) in 2-25 days.

***Visa validity is three months. It means that entrance and departure should be within this period.

*** In the case that you want to collect at the airport, after your arrival at the airport, provide visa insurance in 16 Euro (if you already have one, it is not necessary to provide another one). Next on agenda, pay collection fee. The final step is issuing visa with your 18-digit code as visa reference code.

Other nationalities which is not mentioned in the table need to apply for visa with an accredited travel agency before traveling to Iran. An invitation letter is needed for starting visa process. This letter can be prepared by an accredited travel agency.

>Visa process for American, Canadian and British citizen

Visa process is the same but lasts longer. It is better to apply two months in advance as a sufficient length of time.

A brief and well-explained educational and professional C.V is required as well for American, Canadian and British passport holders.

Please take note that these nationalities should be joined a guided tour which is arranged by an accredited, unless they apply directly through their host in Iran.

American and Canadian passport holders can collect their visa from Iranian Interest section in Washington. British Passport holders are able to collect from Iranian embassy in London. In the case that you are living in other country rather than your home land, collecting visa from any Iranian embassy is possible.

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