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Health tourism is one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry in the world. A great attention recently has given to this area among the different areas of tourism. Health tourism means traveling to other countries to receive a wide range of health care services, and treatment practices.

Iran has received 105,000 health and medical tourists in the last year until March 2017 according to figures reported by the Health Tourism Strategic Council. This data was collected from Iran's 35 licensed health tourism travel agencies.


. The high quality of health services

. Affordable costs of medication and treatment

. Modern and advanced health equipment

. Presence of professionals and skilled specialists and surgeons

. Shared culture and language

. Lack of equipment and experts in the origin

. Hot and cold mineral springs


Most medical tourists in Iran come from:

. Iraq
. Azerbaijan
. Armenia
. The Gulf

Iran has signed agreements with 13 countries in order to make it easier for health and medical tourists to travel to Iran. These countries include Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Bahrain, and Oman.



Derak Shiraz Tour & Travel Agency

Derak Shiraz Tour & Travel Agency provides best services in the field of health tourism in Iran, coordinating with the organizations responsible for medical tourism and appropriate planning. The customers who buy health care from us usually receive a package of their treatment. Besides, if they are interested, will have a tour package regarding the cultural tour and city excursion.


Our services for health and medical tourism include:

üTransfer and transport

üProfessional guide and driver


üMake an appointment in clinical centers (organ transplants, plastic surgery, eye surgery and artificial insemination)

üCity excursion

üIran visa for medical purposes

üIran insurance


Iran visa for health tourists:

Iran issues visa on arrival at 10 international airports to the citizens of over 180 countries. However, this requires health medical tourists to apply for a specialist visa. Derak Travel will assist its customers to obtain health and tourism visa and our agent in different countries such as Spain, Oman, United araba Emirates, Qatar, Germany, and Italy will advise them about the process.






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